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I remember when I was starting out as a young leader, desperately wishing there was a place where I could connect with other leaders who shared the same burning questions I had. To be honest, there were moments when self-doubt held me back from confidently expressing my abilities, even though deep down, I knew I had what it took.

I often found myself wondering: How do other leaders acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to lead their teams, manage conflicts, and navigate the endless sea of unknowns that seemed to pop up every single day?

I was honored to have been given such a leadership role at as a young leader but with the weight of my new role and ever-increasing responsibilities on my shoulders, I sometimes felt isolated and overwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all doom and gloom, but this whole leadership thing turned out to be far more challenging than I had initially imagined. Sure, I could see myself growing and understanding my strengths, but what I truly craved were like-minded peers who were facing the same obstacles and hurdles I encountered. And that's where Healthy Leadership Academy steps into the picture!

Come join me. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!


You have been aware for some time of the ambition that is within you, calling you to STAND OUT as a

leader who is reaching their full potential.

The desire is there.

Still there are times when you feel

overwhelmed with all the skills and knowledge you need to reach your goal.

Your inner voice keeps telling you that there has to be a path to turn your ambition into anticipation.

There is. And you can begin to walk that path, starting now!

The Healthy Leader’s Journey 2023 - 2024

Healthy Leadership Academy Live Training Calendar 2023/2024


by Dr. Niña Ellison

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In Healthy Leadership Academy you will:

  • take on new challenges as a leader

  • pursue ambitious goals with a courage for taking calculated risks

  • understand the return on investment when failure comes your way

  • experience a paradigm shift in the way you view problems

  • challenge previously held assumptions

  • place an even higher focus on seeking out diverse perspectives and feedback

  • confirm your personal plan for leading others through difficult times

  • acquire skills that inspire and motivate others through a clear and compelling vision

  • develop a healthy relationship with failure and setbacks

  • balance seemingly opposing forces as a paradoxical leader

  • navigate situations with conflicting priorities and stakeholders

  • cultivate new opportunities for growth and success

  • walk a proactive journey on taking initiative

  • learn from leaders who work in industries very different from your own

  • adapt your leadership style to fit different people and different situations

  • learn how to optimize your strengths

  • develop and articulate your personal leadership brand

  • look for collaboration to begin within yourself

  • walk through the steps of positive compromise

  • begin to identify and affirm the strengths of those you work with

  • build your inner circle for personal and professional growth

  • provide value to your inner circle and build mutually beneficial relationships

  • align your personal goals with your core values

  • become a skilled leader who inspires and empowers others so that they have the potential to grow beyond you

AS A BONUS, there will be relevant book studies during your 12 strides in Healthy Leadership that will influence your thinking and:

Improve your confidence as you lead with a renewed sense of conviction

Deepen your thoughts on who you are as a successful leader

Exponentially increase your leadership impact in the lives of those you influence

A message from another leader:

When asked who I genuinely admire in the field of Leadership, I can wholeheartedly share it is Dr. Niña Ellison. Her guidance and knowledge have aided me in supporting a healthier culture in my workplace. She taught me the importance of Round tables where it’s possible for the willing to live good values creating a positive culture. Her open, honest teaching style leaves you feeling cared for, encouraged and inspired to want to make a difference. She has sparked in me a passion to want to understand and support others around me in leadership and to help them discover incredible talents within themselves and those they influence.

In my time with Niña, I’ve recognized she is a person of faith who is dedicated to your success. She will share with you her leadership experiences, methods and strategies, testimonies, and wisdom in relationships in ways you can envision, understand and duplicate. In my time spent with Nina I’ve gained value in her perspective on leading others with honor, dignity and respect. She’s equipped me with leadership skills and tools and, most importantly, a care for others' wellbeing. Her influence will go far beyond me as I am humbled to teach others all she has taught and instilled in me.

Thank you, Nina for the amazing Leader you are. You are my Mentor.

- Val, Chief People Officer

I’ve got something pretty awesome to share with you. You are officially invited to join a community of folks who are all about finding new ways to succeed as leaders AND make a lasting impact.

Ever been in a room where everyone just gets you? You’re not alone! Believe it or not, there are tons of like-minded leaders out there who are just as hungry as you are for a leadership growth experience. Can you imagine the power of joining forces with these awesome individuals?

So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to break free from the status quo and dive into this incredible community of go-getters. Say goodbye to feeling alone in your leadership journey and say hello to a tribe that’s got your back!

At Healthy Leadership Academy you will get access to:

  • recorded courses that you can take at a time that is convenient for you

  • monthly challenges, taking what you are learning and putting it into practice each month

  • Live Q and A webinars (that are also recorded for you to access at a later date)

  • An exclusive Facebook page that offers private conversations where everyone is included and no one needs to

  • feel left behind in this growth journey. Enjoy a space to network, make friends, share your successes and get to know

  • other leaders who are facing the same challenges you are as they seek to gain new leadership skills

  • Live Book Clubs with key takeaways to put into action immediately

More messages from other leaders:


Dr. Niña Ellison’s insight and coaching helped my leadership team and me tremendously. She helped me to see what I couldn’t, helping me to clarify a way forward in my business.

Niña's mix of reflective communication, insight and challenge, helped to produce great results for our team. Highly recommend!

- Jason, Business Owner


I have grown exponentially under Dr. Niña Ellison's leadership. Nina is graciously methodical in her approach to leading her clients in discovering their inner greatness! I dream BIG and Nina helps me to step out into the actions required to bring those dreams to reality. She provides intentional directions and has helped me to unravel my long and short-term goals, my mission statement, and my leadership strategy. Thank you, Nina for believing in me, and stretching me to make a difference in our world.

- Jacinta, Social Entrepreneur

Starting on August 1, 2023, Healthy Leadership Academy is made available to you for $79 USD a month – taking

You on a journey that lasts 12 months and focuses on 12 strides in leadership.

When you sign up for the $79USD you will have immediate access to the following content:

  • Stride 1, beginning with the theme “ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE!” Once you join you will

be able to access the FREE 3-day challenge called DARE TO DO as well as the monthly Leadership Workshop entitled,


  • The exclusive Facebook page will also be made available for you on day one. I look forward to chatting

with you and your peers.

  • You will automatically receive an invitation to the Healthy Leadership Academy Book Club that I call’



  1. As a member of Healthy Leadership Academy, you will automatically be charged $69USD per month on the same day each month from the day of the month you began.

  1. You can cancel your subscription at any time and with the cancellation. With your cancellation you will cease to Have access to your training and your Healthy Leadership Academy dashboard.

  2. When I share tools and work sheets they are designed as downloads. The videos are not designed to be downloaded.

  3. You do not have to become a member of Healthy Leadership Academy to purchase most of my online courses. If you go to my website you will find courses that are available for purchase. You can choose to purchase them individually.

  4. If you join the Healthy Leadership Academy at the current price of $79 a month, the cost of your membership will never go up. If you cancel your membership and then decide to rejoin, you will be offered the current rate for membership.

  5. All new courses and content will be automatically added to your dashboard each month. Once courses have been added they will remain in your dashboard while you are a member of the Academy.

One of my mentors, international leadership guru Dr John C. Maxwell, teaches that growth doesn't just happen.

Growth is all about intentionality.

Come join in.

Be intentional in getting to who you want to be and where you want to go!

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